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Step 1: Pick your dream domain
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Grow your big idea

Create a buzz with .bh, the domain name for any website anywhere.

Not only does .bh stand for Bahrain, but could also mean ‘Business Hub’, ‘Be Happy’ or ‘Beverley Hills’. .bh is both a country-code domain and part of your online presence that will go as far as your imagination will take you.

Unlike some country code domains, you are not required to live in Bahrain to register a .bh domain.

.bh is a powerful way to gain a quick brand visibility boost for your business.

Not quite convinced? Explore our website to find out what other benefits will come your way when you register your .bh website.

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Give your idea a place to grow online

When it comes to choosing a domain name for your website, using as few characters as possible is better. When you give your website a .bh domain name, you are doing just this. You’re making your web address shorter and more memorable – and more likely to stick in your audience’s mind.

For local websites, if you’re new to the Bahraini market, using a .bh domain for your web address will immediately establish trust with your customers. Your .bh domain will reassure businesses, locals and visitors of Bahrain that your website brand is verified, equipped and ready to do business.

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Get your business up and running

A .bh domain often means you can get the exact web address that you want.

It’s a really versatile domain name that can bring extra meaning to your URL and extra strength to your brand. There are no registration restrictions on who can use a .bh domain – any individual or entity in the world can register one.

Simply check the availability of your desired domain name. Then, register your chosen name with one of our trusted retailers. When you buy a .bh domain name you instantly join an ever-growing community of domain name trailblazers all over the world.

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Get global reach from a local domain

A .bh domain name shows it’s local and makes it global.

.bh is not just for Bahrain, it announces your presence on a global digital stage.

Unlike the .COM, which is a legacy domain extension with more than 100 million registrations, .bh is new, shorter, innovative, imaginative and available. It gives you the ability to carve your own niche market and bring new meanings to the two letters of B and H.

.bh can be registered exactly like any other domain extension. You can get it from domain retailers – we use the best in the world. You can find them all here. And, as long as you keep renewing your .bh domain then it’s yours to keep for as long as you like.

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